Making Muncie

Exploration of Makerspaces within Post-Industrial Cities

The Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry allowed a group of students to study Makerspaces in Post-Industrial cities, like Muncie, Indiana. They inquired about the affect that Makerspaces had on the cultural identities of these cities. This website leads you through the adventures these students took during their journey to find the answers to their questions. As well as important information on Makerspaces in and around Muncie!


Who We Are & Why We Care

Every human being possesses the unique ability to express curiosity, to explore, to hack and tinker, to innovate, break and build in order to create. We asked local makers to share their origin story and who or what inspired them. We asked what the future held for their work and the rebuilding of a post-industrial community. We asked what were their ingredients for hope. While the answers varied, they largely included several themes which became touchstones to ongoing learning and hard work.

If everyone embraces their identity as a maker in a small post-industrial city, we can chip away at aging infrastructure and rebuild on old foundations by imagining new solutions. If each member of the community works for the good they can see yet to come, the city will be transformed as old buildings and spaces take new life and witness the birth of new ideas for a small town and a big world.


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